I have always been fascinated with European History so what better way to learn Europe’s history, go there to study. I attended Schiller College in Strasbourg France then transferred to their London Campus. After college graduation I lived in Naples, Italy soaking in all of their wonderful culture and cuisine. Although I was still in awe of the depth of Europe’s history, what I enjoyed even more was meeting the locals and tasting their regional cuisines.

So begins my journey with travel and love of food, whether it is eating a rich lamb tagine in Morocco or dining on mouth-watering mozzarella du buffalo in Naples, Italy. Every country and region brings a uniqueness to their dishes. I am excited about welcoming you into my kitchen where I can share my knowledge and love of food. Food isn’t just about your taste buds or senses it’s also experiential.

To me there is nothing more gratifying than preparing a meal for my family and friends. I want you to leave my kitchen inspired so that you will enter yours and begin making wonderful memories. In this busy world let’s make time to break bread with those we love.  Let me help you find your inner chef!

Food is Love!

As a permit exempt establishment the food prepared in this kitchen is not regulated and inspected by the Maricopa Environmental Services Department or by a local health authority.

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