*Who knew putting an ice cube in the middle of your burger while on the grill would keep it flat. We tried it and yes it works!

*Fish can be difficult to grill because some are so flaky and have a tendency to fall apart. A way to fix this is to prepare a solution of saltwater beforehand and let the fish soak in it before you put it on the grill. This helps to protect its structure of the fish and the fish won’t crumble….who knew!

*Instead of using barbecue sauce to flavor your meat, try using apple juice. It’s light and keeps the meat moist. Put it in a spray bottle and apply it as a mist now and then while grilling.

*Over cooking is one of the biggest problems in grilling. While we are talking having a cocktail we wander away from the grill….ouch. Solution after you have gotten good color on the meat move it to away from the direct heat. That way when a friend side tracks you, the meat will still be warm and not over cooked.

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